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What are the advantages for business owners in the UAE?
  • Real government guarantees
    The government ensures the protection of investors' rights: both local and foreign entrepreneurs enjoy equal opportunities.
  • Financial freedom
    There are no restrictions on  capital movement and personal income taxes. A low VAT rate is in place.
  • Legal status
    Companies receive a TRN (Tax Registration Number), which instills high confidence among international partners and financial institutions.
  • Tax residency
    All company shareholders can obtain a residency visa and subsequently achieve  tax residency status, which safeguards against the exchange of tax information (CRS).
  • Strategic location
    The UAE serves as an international transportation and trade hub, an ideal logistics center at the crossroads of Europe, Africa, and Asia.
  • Market access
    Access to duty-free trade with Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries. The GCC is a growing market due to government initiatives, infrastructure development, and economic diversification.
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The difference between Free Zone and Mainland
There are two main types of companies: Mainland and Free zone.  The government offers each of them different business operation opportunities and determines their geographical presence.
Unique opportunities of a company in Mainland
Local companies benefit from maximum government support. A special tool for business development in the domestic UAE market and beyond. The organizational and legal form is defined by legislation and has no equivalent in other countries.
Organizational and Legal Structure
They are classified into professional, commercial, and production categories.
Need for an office
Laws require the presence of an office, a commercial space with Estidama/Ejari registration.
Business licensing
Conducting business in the UAE requires obtaining a license, which serves as the primary founding document. The license is issued for one year with the possibility of renewal.
Company management
A general manager is appointed, and the activity of multiple directors is possible. The division of their rights and responsibilities is determined by the articles of association.
Local agent
It is necessary to enter into an agreement with a local agent who is not a shareholder. Nominally represents interests in government authorities. Having an agent increases the loyalty of banks and counterparts.
Advantages of registering your company in a Free Zone
A cost-effective solution for establishing international business. The opportunity to leverage the benefits of legislation, banking systems, and a well-developed transportation and logistics infrastructure.
International business
Tax Minimization through the absence of corporate taxes in international operations.
Asset management
Real estate and assets, including those abroad, can be registered on the company's balance sheet.
Production organization
Advantages of duty-free import of raw materials, storage in Free Zone territories, and export of finished products beyond the UAE.
Trade activities
The opportunity to engage in international trade, export, re-export, and sell goods locally through distributors.
Service provision
The ability to offer a wide range of services to international counterparts, including within the Free Zone where the company is registered.