No need to open a branch in a new jurisdiction

Commercial brokerage services. Helping to findclients for your business.

We reduce our clients' costs for advertising campaigns and market research
We receive our fee in the form of a fixed percentage of the transaction only upon completion, and our work does not include the need for upfront payment
We take on the development of strategies to enter new markets, analyze competitors and end users of products


What are the benefits for your business?

We act as an intermediary between the customer and the supplier of goods and services.
We effectively protect the interests of our clients around the world, supporting them in developing new markets and increasing sales.
Our services provide benefits to both startups and large holding companies looking to expand their markets.
  • Attracting new customers
    Acting on behalf of the manufacturer and building relationships with potential customers. We use our professional connections and knowledge of the macro-region to increase sales markets.
  • Assistance in product promotion
    Providing product information, conduct demonstrations, participate in negotiations and contracting.
  • Marketing research
    We analyze the market to identify competitors, assess demand for a manufacturer's products in a particular region, and develop strategies to increase sales.
  • Search for counterparties
    We form a base of potential sales agents for the manufacturer's products. We take over the negotiation process and building long-term contacts.
  • Data confidentiality
    We ensure confidentiality of the client's commercial information. We sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement.