We handle the entire process of obtaining a residence permit from start to finish.

Emirates ID and Residency Visa in Dubai, UAE - fast, reliable, guaranteed

Minimally involve the client in bureaucratic procedures.
We work directly with government departments, without intermediaries.
We do not charge additional fees for government duties.

Our goal is to find the most relevant relocation option and make the process of obtaining an Emirates ID as comfortable as possible for you.
Our goal is to find the most relevant relocation option and make the process of obtaining an Emirates ID as comfortable as possible for you.
Emirates ID provides the opportunity:
Access to government services;
Permanent residency in the UAE;
Visa-free travel to GCC countries;
Opening of bank and brokerage accounts;
Establishing a business in a tax-free zone;
Application for visas to other countries;
Participation in various events requiring identification.
Types of Main Visas in the UAE:
Available to employees of companies registered in the UAE. Also accessible to freelancers and self-employed individuals with high income working within the UAE.
Employment Activity
available visas:
Employee Visa, Remote Visa, Freelance Visa
Granted to business owners or property owners in the UAE. Also open to highly skilled professionals in key economic sectors, as part of the government's efforts to attract talented specialists.
Contribution to economic development
available visas:
Investor Visa, Golden Visa, Retirement Visa
One of the advantages of a residency visa is the ability to bring your family to the country. A working resident can sponsor their dependents, provided they have sufficient income.
Family sponsorship
available visas:
Dependent Visa